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Vocal and Voiceover Booth

For the convenience of our professional clients, we maintain a small (5x9 ft.) but acoustically well-treated recording booth, suitable for vocals, small instrument solos and radio or voiceover work.  We offer a choice of two excellent microphones: an AKG-414 large-diaphragm condenser (shown above), or a Shure SM7B dynamic, the broadcast industry standard.  Several kinds of hardware and software voice processing are available, including compression and de-essing.  We record directly to a ProTools workstation, so multiple tracking, retakes and punch-ins are no problem.  For synch with video, we can record to Final Cut Pro and provide a video monitor.  The booth rents for $45 an hour, with engineer. Our studio is located in University Place, a suburb of Tacoma, WA.  Please call for the address.

Shure SM7B

Other Studio Services

We also offer a number of other studio services, including:

  • Media transfer.  Records (78, 45, 33 1/3), cassettes, microcassettes or reel-to-reel tape to CD.  We can handle 15 ips, 7-1/2 ips, 3-3/4 ips and 1-7/8 ips.
  • Audio restoration.  We have as Esoteric turntable and pickup especially made for 78 rpm records.  It can handle hill-and-dale grooves (Early Edison, Pathé) and odd speeds like 80 and 65 rpm.  We also have two vintage Burwin Research analog noise processors that can remove a good many of the clicks, pops and crackles from vintage recording.  For further processing, we use Soundsoap Pro software, which will also remove hum and broadband noise.
  • Digital conversion.  We can convert CD tracks or analog recordings to MP3 or other digital formats.

Most of these services are $45 an hour, except for 33-1/3 (LP) transfer, which is a flat $25 per record.









The Chinook Wind vocal booth