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Compact Disc Duplication

Chinook Wind Recording has made high-quality, retail-ready CD-Rs for Northwest musicians for nearly 14 years.  We specialize in fast turnaround of small runs from a couple dozen to 500 compact discs.

We also author and duplicate DVDs.

We have a variety of packages to fit every budget, from giveaway demos in a paper sleeve to color-printed, shrink-wrapped jewel cases ready for the store shelf.

Free Graphic Design

For orders over 100, we offer free in-house graphic design.  Otherwise, design work is $45 an hour. We can also use your design, or a design from a third-party graphic artist, as long as it’s in a suitable file format. (We use Macintosh OS X running Illustrator and Photoshop.) There is a $50 per hundred ink charge for designs using reversed colors (i.e. white on black or other solid color.)

High-optics drives

Our duplication platforms are Mediaform CD3702 robotic batch duplicators, which use two 48x drives to produce an average of 40 CDs an hour.  Each duplicator has been custom-fitted with high-end Plextor drives for superior optics and tracking accuracy.

We use only premium-quality blank CDRs from Taiyo Yuden, the company that invented the recordable compact disc. We make about 20,000 CDs a year, and our rate of return is less than .001 percent (usually due to human error.)

Our DVD duplicator is 10-bay Microboards tower, and we use Taiyo Yuden discs in it, too.

Top-quality graphics

We print our inserts and tray cards on a high-end Xerox Phaser 5250 thermal laser printer, which is capable of 2,400 dpi resolution and reproduces color with accuracy rivaling offset printing.

On-Disc Label Printing

We offer three ways to imprint your disc for a professional look:

Thermal imprint in either black or three-color, directly on the silver disc surface. The resulting imprint is highly durable and professional looking.  Because of the relative low resolution (600 dpi), it works best with bold, simple designs. Type should be at least 8 point.

Inkjet printing on CDs with prepared white or silver matte surface.  Impressive 1,200 dpi four-color resolution and a high "Wow!" factor -- inkjet on silver matte surface gives a very cool metallic sheen.  Not as durable, however, as thermal imprint. (Inkjet inks are water-based.)

Laser-printed paper label in four colors at 2,400 dpi.  Still a good choice for high-resolution color images, especially photographs, and highly durable.


We offer 100 retail-ready CDs for $425, including:

* High-quality Taiyo Yuden CDR
* Professional black-on-silver thermal imprint
* Single-card color insert, b&w inside
* Color tray card
* Shrink-wrapped in jewel case
A four-page foldout insert is available for $25 additional per hundred.
Other packaging options are available, including slimline cases, dual-CD cases, plastic “clamshell” cases and cardboard or paper sleeves.

We support intellectual property rights.

We will make no more than one archive copy of a commercial compact disc or cassette tape. Duplication clients are requested to sign a form attesting that they own the rights to the work they are reproducing, or have paid a license or royalty fee to the copyright owner.


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Artist: Higher Grounds of Struggle

Album: The Exuisite Hour

Artist: Tora Larsen

Album: Dakota

Artist: Hank Cramer, Rob Thran, Bill Panshall

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