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Studio-Quality Recording on Location

Chinook Wind specializes in on-location recording of musical groups, such as choirs, wind bands and orchestras, that may be difficult or inconvenient to record in a traditional studio setting

From these on-location audio recordings, we make custom CDs, either as one-of-a-kind keepsakes for the musicians themselves, or for sale by the sponsoring organization to the general public.

We can now also offer online digital downloads, either as MP3s or .WAV files, using an online store "widget" that can be embedded in  your own web site or Facebook page.

We have 15 years of experience recording large-group choral, wind and string ensembles, ranging from junior high school bands to 100-voice adult choirs and symphony orchestras.  But we also record small groups, chamber ensembles, and soloists.

All of our equipment is especially chosen to be small, portable and highly mobile. We can set up for the typical job in about 90 minutes.

We record digitally, using either stereo DAT or multitrack hard drive. Our microphones are high-quality studio condensers, including a matched pair of Austrian-made AKG-414s.

Our primary recording tools are Tascam DA-30 digital audio tape recorders and Alesis HD24 24-track hard drive recorders. After recording, we edit our work on a Macintosh-based audio workstation running ProTools. (See a complete audio equipment list.)

When recording live on location, we usually also record to a backup CD-R recorder, so we can provide clients with an immediate record of the performance.

And if you prefer to record in session, rather than during a live performance, we can do that too.

Rates and fees for adult and non-school groups

We charge a $300 fee for a two-hour concert and $45 for each additional hour.  We do not charge for setup or takedown time.  There are no per-microphone or per-channel fees.

If you are ordering CDs from us, there are no charges for editing/mastering. If you are not, editing/mastering is $45 an hour.   Master is delivered on DAT or CD-R, whichever is preferred.

We can make fully-packaged color compact discs of your performance, priced according to the following sliding scale:

Number of CDs Cost each
1-25 $12
26-50 $10
51-99 $8
100-199 $5
200+ $4


Royalty issues
All copyright music distributed directly by Chinook Wind Recording, whether hard copy or digital download, is licensed under an agreement with the Harry Fox Agency, an arm of the music publishers' association.  However, if you wish to buy CDs from us at wholesale and redistribute them to the public, we ask that you undertake the licensing process.  The cost is not onerous: 9.5 cents per song per CD, plus a small fee. Usually, it can be done online. You can get more information on licensing from the Harry Fox Agency,

Esthetic issues

We will work with your director to minimize the visual impact of our equipment.  Our microphones are mounted on slim-profile telescoping poles to minimize obstruction of sightlines.  Where theatre rigging is available, we have harnesses that allow our microphones to be "flown," or suspended from ceilings or catwalks. Multiple-cable snakes are used whenever possible to minimize cable runs, and all cables and power cords are securely taped for safety.


Some Live Recording Clients

  • Olympia Symphony Orchestra
  • Anna's Bay Chorale
  • Bellevue Youth Symphony
  • Brass Band Northwest
  • Tacoma Youth Chorus
  • University of Puget Sound
  • Renton Concert Band
  • Green River Community College
  • The Rainier Chorale
  • Olympia Youth Chorus
  • Midsummer Musical Retreat
  • Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band
  • Rainier Youth Chorus
  • Gateway Concert Band
  • Masterworks Choral Society
  • Washington Wind Symphony
  • Olympia Choral Society
  • Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia