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List of Video Equipment

We use high-quality professional equipment, ruggedized in airline cases for field use.  Most of it can be operated on 12V or other battery voltages in the field.

(3) Canon XH-A1 DV video cameras.  These are very new, very high-quality cameras designed specifically for filmmaking and small-systems broadcasting.  The excellent Canon optics assure brilliant color rendition and sharp, highly detailed imaging.


(3) Manfrotto (Bogen) 351MVB2 cinematic tripods custom-fitted with 503 fluid head, two pan handles and Varizoom VZ-PF1 remote zoom control.

(1) Panasonic AW-350 5-input switcher.  This tiny unit can handle up to 5 cameras, as well as a titler and chroma input.  It can be powered from 12V DC.

(3) Tote-Vision 5.6" LCD monitors, rack-mounted

(2) Sony PVM 8020 7" CRT broadcast monitors

DV-Analog Converter
(1) DataVideo DAC-15 Bi-Directional analog to digital video converter.  This unit accepts composit video from the switcher and converts it to digital video for the DTE recorder.  It also encodes and embeds a digital audio signal.

(1) Focus FS-4Pro HD portable DTE hard-drive recorder. This unit can record in AVI, Quicktime and a variety of other formats for direct download to a non-linear editing system

(4) Clear-Com Q-Com single-muff headsets with noise-cancelling microphones.


Audio-for-Video Equipment

(2) AKG-414-B-ULS large-diaphragm condenser microphones
(2) Audio-Technica 4033 large-diaphragm condenser microphones
(1) AKG-3000 medium-diaphragm condenser microphone
(11) Audio-Technica 4041 small-diaphragm condenser microphones
(2) Shure SM-58 dynamic microphones
(4) Shure SM-57 dynamic microphones

(1) Audio-Technica shotgun microphone

(1) Audio-Technica lavalier microphone

(1) Mackie 1402-VLZ 12-channel audio mixer

(1) Mackie 1602 VLZ 16-channel audio mixer

(1) DBX audio compressor/limiter

Stands and Snakes

(6) Shure T-150 telescoping microphone stands, 15-foot
(8) boom stands, microphone, various manufacture
(4) Multichannel audio snakes, various lengths 50-100 feet


(1) Digital audio workstation: Macintosh Powermac G5

       Software: Finale Cut Pro, ProTools, iDVD

(1) Microboards DVD-CD Tower, 10-bay
(1) Rimage Autoprinter II thermal CD imprinter, robotic
(1) Xerox Phaser 6250 high-resolution laser printer




The Canon XH-A1 is our principal video camera.  It is small enough to be handy in the field, yet can be mounted on a tripod in full studio configuration.  Because of the excellent Canon optics and the high-resolution 3-chip imaging unit, this camera provides beautiful color rendition and sharp, detailed imagery.


This is the director's control station, shown in the booth at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue.  The 5-input Panasonic SW350 switcher is in the foreground.  The rack box contains three video monitors, one for each camera, an audio compressor and an analog-to-digital converter.


This is a detail of the Panasonic AW350 switcher. it can handle up to five cameras, an external titler and chroma, and accepts input from either composite or Y/C video.  It can be run in the field on 12 VDC.

Detail of the DataVideo DAC-15 analog to digital converter.  This unit accepts composite video from the switcher and converts it to do a digital video stream for the recorder.  It also encodes analog audio and embeds it in the digitial video stream.



Video is recorded to this DTE hard-drive recorder in one of a number of formats which can be downloaded directly to a digital workstation for immediate editing.